Find accommodation in a new city in advance

By admin
June 14, 2023
2 min read

Often, an offer to rent housing can come right at the station. But believe me, this option should be considered only as an “extreme case”. Make sure you have a roof over your head in a new city in advance. You can do this in several ways:

Negotiate a lease via the Internet. These are popular ad sites such as Avito or Yula, as well as specialized services for the selection of housing such as Airbnb. Many “advanced” owners offer not only to see a photo of the apartment, but also to show it online via video link. Do not trust suspiciously cheap offers, because free cheese is only found in a mousetrap;
Use the services of an experienced real estate agent (realtor). Pay attention to the rating of a specialist and reviews about him on the network. With the help of an agent, you can profitably find housing that meets your requirements.
Rent temporary housing, for a few days – an apartment or a hotel room and start searching on your own upon arrival. This method is “working”, but at the same time it has one significant drawback: a full-fledged life will obviously be impossible, because for some time you will have to live “on suitcases”. Yes, and large-sized items prepared for transportation will have to be stored somewhere. What if it’s furniture? In this case, this issue should be resolved in advance.

Alternatively, you can find out about the possibility of using company housing if you have already found a job. Check with the employer if the company provides an apartment or a house for the first time?

If you are planning to buy an apartment in another city or country, then you can sell the old apartment and buy housing in a new place, thereby avoiding the rental stage. If possible, you can pre-mortgage an apartment, then gradually move things and pay off the remaining loan at once after the sale of the old property.