Gather and pack things

By admin
June 14, 2023
2 min read

It is important not to forget about packaging materials – there should be plenty of them. It is better if something is not useful than in the last minutes to look for alternatives or risk the safety of things.

Fragile things will be protected by ordinary and pimply film, clothes can be transported in special trunks. Order cardboard boxes and sheets online or arrange with furniture and food stores. You will also need rope, tape, signature markers, trash bags, a knife and scissors.

Packing things should not be postponed until the last days. Eat the elephant in pieces – start with things that you won’t need “here and now”: small appliances, books, New Year’s toys. If you are moving in the summer, start by packing your winter clothes and shoes, and vice versa in the cold season. So a couple of days before the move, most of the things will be packed.

Sign boxes on all sides and label with stickers – “Textile. Bedroom”, “Clothes. Children’s” – this can help movers, and it will be easier for you when sorting things.

Put the parts of the disassembled furniture together with the mounting hardware in separate boxes, put the assembly instructions in the same place.